Nurture Fruity Water+ is delicious & 100% natural. We created Nurture fortified drinks to provide essential nutrients that support children’s healthy development.
Enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, Nurture Fruity Water+ was created for busy families to support children’s immunity as they begin to explore, with the help of our curious baby elephant Firsty to join the adventure!

We’ve replaced sugar with delicious flavours that kids love, and found that they don’t miss the sugar since the fruity tastes of our natural juices are so satisfying.

Nurture Fruity Water+ contains only naturally occurring sugars from the delicious fruit we use in our recipes. Just one teaspoon of sugar per 100ml – that’s a small fraction of what’s found in regular fruit juice and smoothies…

Two delicious flavours...

We’ve created two deliciously healthy flavours for your little ones to enjoy, all contained within our exclusively designed mess-free spout for on-the-go convenience (hooray!).
Choose between the tropical flavour of Orange & Pineapple or the refreshing taste of Cherry & Strawberry and tell us which one your kids love the most (ours can’t decide!). And since our drinks are so nutritious and full of goodness, they remain sugar-tax exempt and school approved – perfect for lunchboxes!

Nurture Fruity Water+ is available on the go in single 200ml pouches or as a multipack of four. To get your hands on our tasty drinks, check out where you can buy your here.